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Tops and Tea-light Tray.

Tops and Tea-light Tray.

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Lighting candles outside can be frustrating when there is a breeze, but don't worry – our tealight hurricanes have you 'covered'!
Elevate the ambiance of any space while protecting candles from the wind with the Tops and Tealights Trio Tray.
They are crafted for luxury and functionality. In warmer months, they can include citronella tealights and act as anti-bug chimneys, which makes them a perfect accessory to savor the outdoor atmosphere.
They are uniquely designed from sustainable materials to adorn any living space. They can be dressed up by adding your personal touch, and I like to add decorative rocks in the spring, mini-pumpkins in the fall, and string fairy lights through them in the winter.
Our Tops and Tealights Trio Tray adds a sophisticated touch to your home and covers all your ambiance needs.
Grab one in your favorite style and color today, as bottle availability is unpredictable.


For a tea light candle, avoid grabbing the neck of the wine bottle to prevent hand injury. To put out the candle or Lamp, gently lift the lower part of the wine bottle. CoziNests is not responsible for any injury caused by the product we produce. 

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