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Melted Milk Lotion Bars

Melted Milk Lotion Bars

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Traditional lotions typically have water as a first ingredient and can often make up 85% or more of the recipe. The watery consistency allows easy absorption, but continual reapplication is needed for overall effectiveness.

This is where my Melted Milk lotion bars have the upper hand. They are about five times more concentrated than water-based lotion and are perfect for travel. Just warm them up with your body temperature to spread the moisture around. Warm them with your body temperature to apply the creamy, nourishing butter and oils. You can use the bars on split ends, on your lips, and down to your heels. A earth-friendly ingredients blend will leave your skin hydrated and moisturized for hours.
My Lotion Bars
100% plastic-free and with Zero Waste
They Come in a Recyclable/Reusable exfoliating sachet.
A 2 oz Solid Lotion Bar Last a Long Time.
Melted Milk Bars are great for traveling and carrying in a purse or coat pocket.


**Disclaimer. These bars are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. Some of our products smell good enough but don’t; they are not made to be eaten and are not food safe.
Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns, but if you are unhappy, get in touch with us, and we will see if we can make it right.

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