This page describes what art and Kintsugi mean to me.


mends broken objects with gold filling, giving them “golden scars.” 

"and after all, I understood that whoever loves you will pick you up in a thousand pieces and still think you are the most perfect thing ever created. You lack nothing because, between your breaks, wounds, and shatters, they will find your hidden, inexplicable, and still alive and happy beauty." ~Isha Marina 

The candles I gave each of you are love letters to my Focus family. The fragrances I used are test fragrances, so I would love honest real feedback if you are inclined and have the time. 




Kintsugi reminds me that broken things have great beauty because scars tell a story. They demonstrate fortitude, wisdom, and resilience, earned with time. Why hide these imperfections or golden scars when we are meant to celebrate them?



Our gilded mends and seams reflect a shimmering new whole. Illuminating the value of a life lived, the patina of age, and the glow of wisdom. We are more precious than before.


Appreciate the beauty of all things, especially the incredible beauty that hides beneath the surface of what seems to be broken.

I have a favorite potter who lives in New Jersey. He is a friend. He mailed my order of pottery, and this piece arrived broken. I love his work so much that I could not bare to discard the broken pieces. I decided to try my hand at Kintsugi. It turned out to be much more difficult than I expected. I learned the order that I gild the pieces together was vital. I had to re-break the pot to replace the shards in the correct sequence.  Once I was satisfied with the completed new vase and checked for leaks, I gave it to my daughter for her 21st birthday. I included a letter that explained that even though the vase had been broken and would never again be the same, we can still value and treasure it in its new form. 

Through acceptance, you find freedom; With acceptance, you see growth and the lightness of being. 


Glen Martin Taylor is one of my favorite Kintsugi artists. https://glenmartintaylor.com

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Since I started my candle business, growing and spreading light has been my purpose. If you are interested, there is more on how and why I started my business on the about me page



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