Fiona and Fritz

Fiona is a great ambassador for her species. She makes one of the most dangerous animals on the planet look downright cuddly, and her birth story makes her so endearing. You can watch it all unfold on the Cincinnati Zoo's YouTube channel. 👇
More Hippo facts are below the video; we can't forget about her pesky little brother Fritz.


Hippos are large semi-aquatic mammals with eyes, nostrils, and ears located on the top of their head, which means they can see and breathe while submerged in the water. They are one of the largest animals on the planet, second only to an Elephant weighing as much as a Toyota Tundra or about 7000 lbs.
Their skin can take on the hue of pink mud because they sweat an oily red liquid that acts as a sunblock for the hot sunny African afternoons. It also helps protect their skin from drying out for the times when they are not submerged in a dirty river or lake.


Tucker and FritzFritz being Fritzy with his Dad Tucker. 

       Behold Fritz, Fiona's beloved brother from the Cincinnati Zoo! As Fiona continues to melt hearts worldwide with her adorable antics, Fritz is equally captivating and endearing. Born just a few years after Fiona, the siblings have grown up together and share a special bond. Fritz is known for his playful personality, love of water, and his impressive size - he weighs over 1,500 pounds! Despite his imposing size, Fritz is a gentle giant who loves spending time with his sister and their zookeepers. Together, Fiona and Fritz remind us all of the importance of protecting Hippos for future generations to enjoy!

Mothers Never get enough Credit. 

Bibi Is a wonderful mom. 

bibi hippo with baby Fritz