From the blog, My Story.

When my husband lost his job during the recession, it was devastating.  It was a time in life that is colored by unpredictability, and if I could take matters into my own hands—any matters at all—I might feel a little more at ease. A little more prepared for something I know we can’t possibly prepare enough for.

We had to manage our money carefully, so I collected my ideas and thoughts, and the organization and downsizing of our purchases became a clear strategy.  I realized that the commodity I had the most was time. All convenience items had to go. The key to this strategy is to use ingredients rather than processed goods. I questioned every item on my list, "Can I make this instead?" I bought ingredients instead of products. I learned to make soap, candles, laundry detergent, household cleaning supplies, deodorant, bread, pasta, mascara, and deodorant. With a feeling of empowerment, I embraced the new methodology to lift some burdens from my husband so he could focus on finding new employment. 

Several months later, with a new job and a life-changing move back to Cincinnati, life began to feel controlled again. I relaxed a little. Although I stopped making things like toothpaste and shampoo, I found it very satisfying to continue to hand-make many products we use.  I still make family soap, lotion bars, laundry detergent, bread, pasta, and candles.  

Our children are now emerging into adulthood.  I find myself re-feathering our nest to accommodate two instead of four. I am also rediscovering my creativity.  

I use the skills I learned in a new and different way. Making candles and other consumable products for the public differs from making small batches for my family. I realized that I had to step up my game. I researched and experimented with proper ways to do things. It is a lot more complicated than just putting wax and wicks in a jar. There has been quite a learning curve and I have exceedingly improved my technique and practices.  The challenge has been exciting and this time of my life is beautiful. The hard work and dedication to my new small business fuels and excites me.  It enables me to grow my light in hopes that it can brighten the lives of the people and the world around me.




Content is on its way soon. I am just one womans who is trying really hard