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Cincinnati Candle Connection

Candle- Light up the Holiday

Candle- Light up the Holiday

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On the Label. Celebrating Cincinnati's Winter Holiday Traditions.  The label features original art. The skyline inside the clip art snow globe has a rendition of the first tree lighting on fountain square, along with some of Cincinnati's favorite architectural wonders. And what's a holiday scene without Santa? Ho Ho Ho. 

Fragrance  Mulled Wine. With Notes of orange apple cloves and other holiday spices. 

Sustainability: CoziNests is your connection to candles crafted with the health of our planet and people in mind. I wash, cut, sand, and polish discarded wine bottles and give them new life. I use clean-burning coconut/soy wax and Phthalate free fragrance, and the reusable bamboo lid seals in the scent and keeps your candle dust free. I include unique black, sandalwood-scented matches and a strike strip next to the candle label for an exciting way to light your fire. I recently added a fun new function to the table. Unlock your smartphone and move it around the label. It will eventually open my website, where I have educational information about each Cincinnati icon featured on the label. 

 Multi-functional: Clutter can make us uncomfortable, and space can be a commodity, so I love to make things with multiple functions. I hand-pour candles that make your home smell wonderful, and they can create an ambiance with the sustainable wood wick crackling like a fireplace. After the Candle is extinguished and slightly cooled, it can even double as a creamy warm massage oil.

Candle Care & Punts: Please be sure to check out the candle care tips for a great burn and extended candle life, along with the information about the wine bottle punts and free wax. 

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